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Q. We love your work, what next?
A. Get in touch via the contact page and we can arrange to meet. I will come to you either at your home or venue without any obligation to book and bring some complete sets of images to show you exactly what you can expect to receive from your wedding. We can discuss any ideas you have for your photos and get to know each other, this is very important as I will be there on the biggest day of your life so we have to make sure we get on!
I am then happy to hold a date without obligation for a short amount of time while you discuss my work. After that if you wish to book, I will take a small deposit to save the date.

Q. What do you charge?
A. Weddings are so individual and there are so many different types of album and other methods of presentation these days that I have abandoned set packages. Your individual needs will be catered from and everything will be costed up beforehand. As a guide, most people’s needs are covered from £800 to £1500. The price we agree is what you pay and no extras will be added afterwards.
The most popular option these days is my flat fee option of £1350 which gives a full day's photography from the preparations in the morning right through to the evening do. Afterwards you will recieve your high resolution photos all edited, retouched and colour corrected on USB in both colour and black and white.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, I hold full public liability insurance.

Q. What area do you cover?
A. I am based on the Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire borders and usually cover anywhere within an hour or so which covers the three counties, most of the Cotswolds and into Wales. I am however, available for weddings further afield if you wish. Just ask!

Q. There are no posed photos on your website, do you do posed photos as well? 
A. Of course. Everyone likes a few posed photos to put in a frame or send to relatives but I do try to keep them to a minimum as time spent posing is time I cannot spend doing what you have hired me for, capturing those fleeting moments of genuine emotion which come and go in the blink of an eye and are long forgotten.

Q. What sort of cameras do you use?
A. I use all professional Canon equipment. It costs a pretty penny but the image quality is the best that current camera technology allows. It is also supremely reliable still be used quite happily in the rain, can survive a few knocks. Of course I always carry spares too!

Q. How long do you stay and how many photos can we expect to receive?
A. I stay as long as necessary to get the job done. I do not limit the amount of photos taken either. On a typical full day shoot from the bridal preparations in the morning to the after party in the evening I usually shoot around 1500 pictures which are then edited down to about 500-600 . Afterwards they are all individually retouched ready for delivery on USB or printing.

Q. What is ‘retouching’?
A. Once your images are edited down to the final few hundred, they are individually retouched by me on the computer. This entails the processing of the ‘RAW’ files to get the colours and density right (this is akin to the developing stage of traditional film). Then the images are individually manipulated to remove distractions that it was not possible to avoid on the day such as (for example) horrible red fire extinguishers in the background at your reception venue. Individual areas of the image are also selectively lightened / darkened / colour balanced to bring out the very best in each photo.  This process can take 1-2 minutes for every photo and is very time consuming especially when I have 500 pictures to do, but it’s all part of the service!

Q. Can I have my photos on disc?
A. Yes you can. With the proliferation of online printing companies and producers of photobooks, this is incredibly popular these days.  One of the most popular requests at the moment is the ‘Images Only’ option where you receive your images ready edited and retouched on high resolution USB ready from printing or using in an album or photobook.
It gives you the flexibility to create your own masterpiece in your own time or to come back to me once you’ve decided on an album. It also keeps costs low without compromising on the quality of the actual images (which can never be repeated after all) while you are busy spending on the rest of the wedding as you are only paying for my time.

Q. Do I have to choose between colour or black and white?
A. No you don’t. Digital cameras ‘see’ everything in colour and the resulting images are then translated to black and white in software so everything from your day will be captured in colour.
After I have edited your pictures in colour I will then go back through them, carefully converting each one to black and white so you will have a complete set of each.

Q. I can’t wait to see my pictures! How long will they take?
A. This does vary depending on what you have ordered in the way of albums or prints but the disc of edited, retouched images will usually be 8 - 12 weeks depending on how busy I am at that point. I do however  produce a quick ‘edited highlights’ package of 100 or so pictures within a few days which can be sent to you electronically for maximum speed. It helps with the waiting for your final set.

Q. Will my pictures end up on your website?
A. Not if you don’t want them to, your wedding is a very personal celebration and you have chosen who you wish to share it with.
If at some point in the future I would like to use some of your photos to show other potential clients I will ask you first. If you agree then I will tell you exactly which ones I will be using and what I will be doing with them (website, facebook, entering a competition etc). If you don’t want this then I will lock them away on a backup disk never to see the light of day again.

Q. I’ve lost my photos! Can you help?
A. Once you have received your images in electronic form they are your responsibility and you should back them up. I accept no legal responsibility for the safe keeping of your images after this.
In practice I do keep my own backups though, so if the worst happens then please get in touch and I will happily re-supply you.

Q. Do you do videos too?
A. No, the two disciplines are quite different and to try and do both side by side is asking for trouble. I am a passionate stills photographer and prefer to concentrate on that. If you would like me to recommend a good videographer then I do know a chap who will do a great job for you.